Ishamel Reed’s “Life Among the Aryans”

The time is the future. The president is a Jew, and the head of the FBI is a black woman, the greatest nightmare of the Alt Right. “Life Among The Aryans” is a serious comedy which uses the time-worn techniques of signifying found in black dance, art, and literature.

For the Love of Reading at The Boys’ Club of New York

Knowing how to read is more than an academic skill, it’s a LIFE skill. Literacy is a true indicator of success, and kids who don’t read face challenges in the classroom and beyond it. BCNY takes literacy very seriously, and has developed an evidence-based program targeting boys reading below grade level, providing them the resources,

BCNY Junior Battle Chef: Recipe for Success

They say that eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art. Well, the junior members at The Boys’ Club of New York are creating some masterpieces thanks to BCNY’s Junior Battle Chef.

The Boys Club of New York

Young men of color are highest risk of unemployment. BCNY’s career prep program is addressing that trend head on with intensive workshops, internship opportunities, and job placement support.

New York City Crime Report Pilot

Pat Dixon, former cast member of Vh1’s Best Week Ever and a fixture as a corresepondent on Vh1 and E!, take his popular podcast to video.